Automotive Weld Seam Sealant Application

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One-component modified polyvinyl chloride sealant, referred to as PVC sealant, has the advantages of no solvent, no isocyanate, anti-pollution after curing, green environmental protection, excellent heat resistance and anti-aging ability. It is suitable for seam sealing of automobile bodies, railway carriages, ships, etc.

Product Features:
1. No solvent, no silicone, no isocyanate, non-toxic, neutral and environmentally friendly.
2. The surface can be painted, which is compatible with most industrial paints, and can be painted after gluing.
3. Excellent thixotropy and extrudability, suitable for a wide temperature range.
4. No primer is required, and it has excellent adhesion to most metals such as aluminum and painted steel plates, as well as PVC, ABS, and polyester materials.
5. Excellent weather resistance, aging resistance, excellent tensile and compression recovery.

Packaging Specifications:
(1) Hard packing: 310ml/pc, 50pcs/carton.
(2) Soft sausage pack: 800g/piece, 20 pieces/box.
(3) Plastic bucket: 5 gallons (about 25kg/drum).
(4) Iron drum: 250kg/drum.

Application range:
It is used for welding seam sealing of carriages of automobiles, trains, high-speed rail, etc., and seam sealing of mechanical ventilation equipment.
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