• HY465 Polyurethane adhesive for auto glass

    HY465 polyurethane adhesive is high modulus, anti-pollution after curing, and is environmentally friendly

  • Encyclopedia of the use of silicone glass glue

    Silicone glass glue is a kind of silicone products. Silicone glass glue is divided into two types, one-component and two-component, mainly used for insulating glass sealing. Two-component silicone glass sealant is a room-temperature vulcanized two-component sealant with room temperature vulcanization silicone rubber 107 and methyl silicone oil 201 as the main agent and metal oxide as the vulcanizing agent. Weather resistance and UV resistance, high and low temperature resistance and aging resistance; high bonding strength; good adhesion to glass and aluminum alloys. Mainly used for insulating glass to seal the second seal. Next, the sealant manufacturer will introduce you to the use of silicone glass glue! Let's learn together!

  • R995 Weatherproof Silicone Structural Adhesive Application

    Our R995 is a one-component, neutral room temperature curing silicone sealant with high elasticity high modulus and high strength.

  • Advantages of prefabricated construction adhesives

    Prefabricated building sealant The prefabricated building sealant is used to fill the gaps of prefabricated buildings to effectively prevent problems such as gap leakage. It is a very important waterproof material in prefabricated buildings.

  • Applications of epoxy ​​​​​​​slate adhesive

    The slate epoxy adhesive is a two-component, fast curing epoxy resin material at room temperature.

  • What is fast curing epoxy adhesive?

    HY485 fast curing epoxy adhesive is a two-component, fast curing epoxy resin material at room temperature.

  • R996 Weather Proof Sealant Application Case

    R996 is a one-component, neutral, room temperature curing, highly elastic weatherproof silicone sealant.

  • Application of Fast curing epoxy adhesive glue

    HY485 two component quick fix black epoxy adhesive glue for general purpose bonding

  • How to Apply Polyurethane Sealant in the automotive industry?

    How to Apply Polyurethane Sealant in the automotive industry?Our HY466 is multi-purpose auto polyurethane sealant.

  • What

    HY985 is a polyurethane adhesive that reacts with a curing agent at room temperature to form a rubber elastic body after curing.It is used for bonding wood, leather, fabric, paper, cement, concrete, aluminum, galvanized steel, etc.

  • Application of Polyurethane Bonding Window Corner Adhesives

    2 component pu glue Window Corner Bonding Polyurethane Structural Adhesives

  • Instant glue: One-component, Fast Curing, Ideal for High-strength Bonding

    Instant glue, with its unique single-component, rapid curing at room temperature and α-cyanoacrylate adhesive characteristics, has attracted much attention in the market in recent years. Its ease of use, fast curing speed, and high bonding strength make it widely used in many fields.

  • The 2023 Vietnam International Building Materials Exhibition Concluded Perfectly

    In order to respond to the country's One Belt and One Road construction ideas, enhance the international competitiveness of enterprises, gather momentum in ...

  • Application of Dry hanging epoxy structural adhesive

    This product is a modified toughened epoxy resin adhesive. It has the characteristics of fast curing, weather resistance, aging resistance, and high bonding strength.

  • HY598 RTV silicone gasket maker sealant Application

    The gap seal between the planes usually uses a solid gasket. Due to the roughness of the plane processing and the influence of the tool marks, it is uneven in the microscopic view. It is impossible for the solid liner to 100% fit the processing surface.

  • What's Hy422 water-based spray adhesive glue?

    What's Hy422 water-based spray adhesive glue? What is application of spray adhesive? How to use it?

  • High Temperature Curing Weld Sealant Application

    HY560 is a one-component High temperature curing sealant. It contains no solvent, no isocyanate, anti-pollution after curing, environmental protection, excellent heat resistance and anti-aging ability.

  • Concrete Joint Waterproofing Polyurethane Sealant Application

    Polyurethane Polymer Sealant special for prefabricated construction is a one-component neutral curing sealant product,It has good adhesion to cement, concrete, stone and other building materials, and has a low modulus, Good flexibility ,environmental protection and pollution-free characteristics.

  • Insulating Glass Sealant Application Introduction

    Insulating Glass Sealant with two-component, neutral rubber, room temperature curing, high elasticity, high modulus. It has good adhesion and weathering resistance, and the curing speed can be adjusted.

  • Do you know how to use HY938 led bulb glue?

    HY938 silicone glue is used for led bulbs,led panels and solar light head sealant.

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