• Special adhesive for road caulking
  • Special adhesive for road caulking
  • Special adhesive for road caulking
  • Special adhesive for road caulking
Special adhesive for road caulking

R930 is a non-sagging type, and R930L is a self-leveling type. They are both single-component neutral curing sealants. The modified silane sealant is specially designed for long-term weather-resistant sealing of expansion joints, shrinkage joints, and longitudinal joints of airport runways, highways, tunnels, bridges and other concrete or asphalt pavements. It has low modulus and high displacement characteristics and is suitable for Displacement of concrete joints.

Product details

Product Features
1. Single-component packaging, easy to use, and good extrudability within the usual construction temperature range;
2. No primer is required, it is chemically compatible with concrete, and has a firm chemical bond to concrete;
3. Excellent aging resistance, will not be damaged by sunlight, rain, snow, ultraviolet rays, and ozone; excellent resistance to high and low temperatures, and the cured adhesive strip has excellent performance at -40°C to 120°C;
4. High displacement ability: With the expansion and shear deformation of the concrete joints, the colloid itself will not be destroyed;
5. Low modulus: low stress generated during passive deformation to ensure that the concrete surface is not damaged;6. High elastic recovery ability: It can reciprocate and follow the seam movement, fast response, quick recovery, and small permanent deformation.
Packaging specification
Model R930 R930L
Main composition Modified Silane
Appearance Gray paste Gray self-leveling
Sag(mm) 0 /
Extrudability (ml/min) 200 400
Tack-free time (min) 40 45
Elongation at break (%) 900 1000
Tensile strength (Mpa) ≥1.0
Elastic recovery rate (%) ≥80
Tensile modulus (MPa) ≤0.4

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