HY465 Polyurethane adhesive for auto glass

HY465 polyurethane adhesive is high modulus, anti-pollution after curing, and is environmentally friendly.
It is suitable for bonding and sealing the joints of various materials such as car bodies, train high-speed rail cars, elevator cars, containers, ships, mechanical ventilation equipment, architectural decorations, etc. This product meets environmental protection requirements, does not contain harmful substances in GB18583 "Limits of Hazardous Substances in Adhesives for Interior Decoration Materials", meets the EU ROHS and REACH environmental protection standards, and meets the German environmental protection standards for automotive adhesives.

HY465 Polyurethane Adhesive Features
1. Solvent-free, PVC-free, isocyanate-free, non-toxic, odorless, non-polluting, neutral and environmentally friendly.
2. The surface has good paintability and is compatible with most industrial paints. After the surface is dry, it can be sprayed and baked together with the paint without blistering.
3. Excellent thixotropy and extrudability, wide applicable temperature range.
4. Excellent adhesion to most metals such as aluminum, painted steel plates, glass, PVC, ABS, polyester materials, and concrete.
5. Excellent weather resistance, aging resistance, superior tensile and compression resilience.

HY465 Polyurethane Adhesive Application
It's high shear strength, used for bonding and sealing of car windshield and various materials;

HY465 Polyurethane Adhesive Instructions
1. The surface of the joint should be free of oil stains, dust, impurities, etc.;
2. Cut the glue nozzle into the required size and shape according to the process requirements;
3. Cut off the sealant seal, install the glue nozzle, and put it into the glue gun;
4. Apply the sealant evenly on the joints, the thinnest part is greater than 1mm; when using the pneumatic gun, the air pressure is controlled at 0.3~0.5Mpa;
5. The product can be colored by traditional methods after surface drying, including epoxy resin and acrylic paint.

Matters Needing Attention
1. Avoid construction under 5℃ and humidity less than 20%
2. Pneumatic pressure is strictly prohibited to exceed 0.5 Mpa, if it exceeds 0.5 Mpa, gas will enter the hard packaging tube, and colloidal bubbles will occur.
3. Because the coating contains high solvent content, the glue surface will become soft. In order to obtain the best appearance and performance, the glue should be colored after curing for 24 hours.
4. For special chemical reactions, please contact our technical department

Storage Method
SPU sealant absorbs moisture and solidifies, and must be stored in a low temperature and dry environment, with a shelf life of more than 6 months.
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