Advantages of prefabricated construction adhesives

The prefabricated building is to transfer a large number of on-site operations in the traditional construction method to the factory, process the components and accessories for the building in the factory, and then transport it to the building construction site for assembly and installation. That is to say, the floors, stairs, balconies, and even walls, etc. that were originally installed on the construction site can not be built brick by brick by workers on the construction site, but after the finished products are produced in the factory, they can be transported to the construction site for assembly. .

Prefabricated building sealant
The prefabricated building sealant is used to fill the gaps of prefabricated buildings to effectively prevent problems such as gap leakage. It is a very important waterproof material in prefabricated buildings.
Advantages of prefabricated construction adhesive products

Health and environmental protection, solvent-free, non-toxic and tasteless, VOC release is far lower than the national standard

No silicone oil pollution

Good bonding performance

Good weather resistance and durability

Surface can be painted

Low modulus, anti-displacement performance
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