PV module junction box sealant application

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It is one component, room temperature curing, neutral silicone material. It has many good features such as high and low temperature resistance, excellent aging resistance, flexibility, insulation, moisture-proof, earthquake resistance, corona resistance and leakage resistance. The facade does not flow and can be bonded with steel, aluminum, glass, PVC, ABS, EVA and other materials.
It is used for the sealing of solar panel frame and the bonding and fixing of junction box. It can also be used for all kinds of bonding and sealing of electronic components.
Product Features
1. Processability: uniform viscosity, good extrusion rate, smooth thixotropy, no bubbles and crusts;
2. Strength: medium hardness, high elongation and tensile strength;
Strong adhesive force: closely combined with back plate, aluminum alloy, junction box body and bus bar;
3. Excellent resistance to yellowing and denaturation: the surface color has no obvious change after aging at high temperature and
high humidity (double eighth five year test);
good hygrothermal resistance: no change in strength, hardness and electrical properties after hygrothermal aging;
4. UV resistance: there is no obvious discoloration, wrinkle, craze and bubble in the UV aging box after aging for a long time.
5. Test report: ROHS, CE, UL
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