Application of photovoltaic junction box and inverter potting glue

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silicone potting compound is a two-component, room temperature curing, condensation dealcohol type silicone potting material. Self-leveling, high and low temperature resistance, excellent aging resistance, insulation, moisture resistance and shock resistance. It is specially used for various potting and sealing of solar photovoltaic module junction boxes and inverters.
item value
CAS No. 67763-03-5
Other Names RTV-2 silicone encapsulation Sealant
EINECS No. 200-902-6
Place of Origin China
Classification Double Components Adhesives
Main Raw Material Silicone
Usage Solar & PV module
Brand Name JIAGU
Model Number HY584
Type Two-Component
Compound color A/B White/ Transparent
A/B proportion 10:1
Density (g/cm3) A/B 1.2/1.03
viscosity (Pa.S) A/B 4.5~7.5/0.4~0.5
Shore hardness (Shore A) 20~50
Applicable temperature (℃) -60~200
Thermal conductivity (W/m•k) 0.6
Dielectric strength (kv/mm) ≥20
Application Solar & PV module
Complete curing time(h) 2~4

Product Features
1. Solvent-free, environmentally friendly and low-carbon. 2. Excellent weather resistance, aging resistance, UV resistance. 3. It is insulating, moisture-proof and shock-proof. 4. Non-corrosive, fast curing.
Packaging specification
A component packed in 10kg/barrel. Barrel mouth diameter: 270mm, height 295mm. B component packed in 1kg/plastic bottle.14 bottle/carton. Safety and health
Number of whole pieces: 14 bottle/carton
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